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Introduction to Contracts

This session introduces engineers to the world of contracts.

Beginning with an overview of how and why we contract, an experienced legal professional will explain the nature of binding agreements and some of the underlying principles of contract law.

Relevant case law that underpins the modern approach to agreements will be discussed to round out your understanding of the legal framework surrounding contracts.

How to interpret contracts will also be explored including contract terminology, implied and express terms, elements of a binding agreement, and tendering law.

The session will conclude with a discussion on common challenges in contract administration and management.

Learning outcomes

  • Greater confidence in reading and interpreting contracts
  • A stronger inclination to use and apply the contract as an appropriate delivery tool
  • An ability to engage in (basic and early) meaningful discussions around contract terms
  • Ability to understand some terms and negotiation

Is this course for you?

Ideal for engineers and related professionals with 0 - 3 years work experience. This workshop is also valuable for anyone involved in contracts needing a refresher:

  • contract administrators
  • contract managers
  • engineers
  • designers
  • finance officers
  • procurement professionals
  • project managers
  • senior staff

Webinar outline

  • Australian Law
  • Basic elements of a binding agreement
  • Implied and express terms
  • Promissory Estoppel
  • Process and collateral contracts

Facilitator / Presenter

Sean McCarthy is the Director of McCarthy Commercial and Construction Lawyers and has extensive experience in providing advice on construction and general contracts. As a lawyer, Sean has advised both government and private sector clients on a host of major projects and contract claims. 

He worked in the building and construction industry for many years prior to studying law. Sean is an active educator on construction matters. Sean, as both a qualified training professional and experienced lawyer, brings an enthusiastic and participative approach to the courses he facilitates.

Sean McCarthy


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