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Digital Twin for Resilient Infrastructure and Supply Chains

Throughout history, the engineering professions have weathered paradigms punctuated by new technology innovation. The invention of the steam engine, electricity, transportation networks, electronic devices have each induced deep societal, environmental and economic impacts.
This emerging paradigm, defined by the Digital Twinning, is referred to as Industry 4.0. All disciplines of engineering will increasingly focus on the creation and maintenance of these cyber-physical systems. Digital Twins will scale and granulate as complex adaptive systems and eventually cluster as components within the emerging Digital Earth.
The rapid development of Level 5 Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) with high definition real-time 4-D semantic self-healing collaborative maps given an early insight into the potential of Digital Twin within a Digital Earth context. Digital Twin’s will not only mirror the whole life cycle from manufacture to installation and operations; but integrated as an expression of an asset with blockchain technologies, Digital Twins may also serve as a foundation for future reward based monetary systems based upon the effective ‘truth’ via veracity and provenance of the cyber-physical coupling.
Performance controls and the modernisation of the digital cadastre are in fact journeys towards establishing a regulatory class of digital twins. Future engineers will need technical skills, cross-disciplined thinking and fluency in an ever-evolving language to articulate such phenomena.

Richard Simpson