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Navigating Difficult Conversations

This event is part of the Young Engineers CPD series, an annual calendar of content developed by young engineers and designed to support you on your career journey into the professional world. This live webinar explores the skills, tools and strategies used to effectively navigate difficult conversations with the people we work with. Presented by Nigel Sutton, the seminar will include a real play scenario to engage participants in a real time experience. This involves one participant engaging in a live roleplay with the experienced actor/facilitator. Designed to address real issues faced by young engineers. This encourages peer to peer support and solution-based engagement. You'll learn about: Difficult conversations – and how to build courageous communication techniques. Managing up – how to implement effective communication of priorities. How to communicate with our peers, managers and important stakeholders.

**Please note due to technical issues on the day Nigel's video cannot be seen throughout the entire session, sound is clear and a great session to view**

Nigel Sutton

Young Leaders Career Guide Capability Framework