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Competency Without Tears Or Liability The Pathway For Ethical Professional Practising Engineers

If you obtained your undergraduate engineering degree from a university program that is accredited under the Washington Accord, or if you have been assessed and are eligible for registration on the National Registers, that means that you have achieved the competencies necessary to be a professional engineer.

But what if you are asked to carry out tasks that are beyond your competency? What are your obligations? Do you have any liability? How does this affect your professional standing? And how can it affect your employment?

This seminar will help you navigate the ins and outs of working as a practising professional engineer. We will explore the competency framework and your ethical and professional conduct obligations, and how these interact with your duties as an employed professional. And we will find ways for you to practice as an ethical and professional engineer without jeopardising your employment or your professional standing.

About the speaker:

Melissa Kirby is a lawyer and strategist who likes difficult problems, wherever and whenever they might occur. She specializes in working with engineering and technical professionals, supporting clients and keeping their businesses safe through difficult times during the Asian Financial Crisis, the Global Financial Crisis and all the times between.

Prior to founding Sharpe & Abel, Melissa was counsel at the NYSE listed multi-billion dollar company, Honeywell, advising its Automation and Control Solutions business group in the Asia Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East regions and a director of its local subsidiary. Melissa has also headed up the legal, regulatory and compliance department of a major Australian utility company. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and holds an LL.B from the Australian National University.

Melissa Kirby

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